Forms and Documents

Clergy Tax Guide 

Liturgical Resources

They Met To Read The Bible (pdf)
They Met to Read the Bible (doc)


Per Capita 2019

Per Capita 2020

Church Treasurer's Manual

Shared Facilities Document
updated 12-01-2019. Please be aware this is a word document, requiring the user to 
complete information on the form. If you have difficulty downloading the document or
formatting the end result, please contact the Presbytery office.

Federal Reporting Guidelines 2018

Financial Review Guide

General Presbytery

The Administrative Manual, updated 2018

Policy on Personal Boundaries and Sexual Misconduct
(adopted 11-18-14)

Child and Youth Protection Policy
(Suitable for use in congregation) if you need this file in Word format, please contact the Presbytery office

Background Check Policy 2018.docx

New FEMA Guidelines for a Disaster

Millville Mission Study


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